Argentijns restaurant Rosita


About us

In the heart of Amsterdam, we give lovers of a deliciously juicy Argentinean steak, fresh fish and top quality wines a very warm welcome and a typical treat of South American hospitality.

Restaurants Rosita’s is not just another grill-restaurant or steakhouse, but an unforgettable experience in a great atmosphere! A place where guests are treated with care and attention and our cook really surprises people with his delicious plates.

We hope to see you soon!


Soft Drinks

Orange juice 3,50 large €5,00

Apple juice 3,50 large €5,00

Coca Cola 3,50 large €5,00

Fanta 3,50 large €5,00

7-Up 3,50 large €5,00

Tonic 3,50 large €5,00

Cassis 3,50 large €5,00

Ice Tea 3,50 large €5,00

Spa blauw €3,00

Spa rood €3,00


Small beer €4.00

Large beer €4.00

Radler €4,50

Palm €4,50

Wickse witte €4,50

Duvel €5,50

Corona €5,50

Quilmes €5,50


Glass house wine. Red, white €4,50
Bottle house wine. Red ,white €22,50


Mixed salad -5,00

Mixed salad with feacheese €6,50

Mixed salad with tuna €6,50

Mixed salad with chicken €8,50

Warm Starters

Chorizos criollos/grilled sausages €7,00

Corn empanada patie €6,50

Beef empanada patie €6,50

Gamba’s speciale. Creamy sauce, garlic, white wine €8,50

Cold Starters

Carpaccio de ternera/Thin raw sliced fillet. Olive oil, pine tree kernels, parmesan cheese €8,50

Cheese, salami, ham, chips 1 person €9,50
Cheese, salami, ham, chips 2 person €16,50

Steaks (no additionals)

Argentinian rumpsteak:
-S 200gr €13,50
-M 300gr €18,50
-L 400gr €25,50
-XL 500gr €31,50
-XXL 600gr €35,50

Argentinian sirloin steak:
-S 200gr €15,50
-M 300gr €21,50
-L 400gr €29,50
-XL 500gr €36,50
-XXL 600gr €41,50

Argentinian tenderloin:
-S 200gr €19,50
-M 300gr €26,50
-L 400gr €32,50
-XL 500gr €39,50
-XXL 600gr €45,50

Argentinian rib-eye:
-M 300gr €21,50
-L 400gr €29,50
-XL 500gr €36,50
-XXL 600gr €41,50

T-bone steak. 500gr €31,95

Steak sauces

Pepper €2,00

Mushroom €2,00

Garlic €2,00

BBQ €2,00

Chimichurri €2,00

Spicy €2,00

Side dishes

Bread with garlic butter €2,00

Fries €3,00

Baked potato with sour cream €3,50

Rice €3,50

Grilled Tomato €3,50

Grilled mushrooms €3,50

Mixed vegetables €5,00

Complete dishes
(With fries or puffed potato and mixed salad)

Grilled chicken fillet €13,95

Pork fillet €15,95

Grilled lamb cutlets €17,95

Brochette with onions, bell pepper €19,95

Rumpsteak with two eggs €19,95

Tres carnes. Rumpsteak, sirloin, tenderloin €26,95

Tenderloin with prawns €26,95

Parrilada especial 500gr for 1 €29.95

Parrilada especial for 1000gr 2 €55,95

Spare ribs. Natural, sweet, spicy €16,95


Alla bolognese. Tomato meat sauce, grana cheese €9,50

Alla carbonara. Eggs, bacon, grana cheese, black pepper €9,00

Quatro formaggi. Four Italian cheeses and cream sauce €10,00

All siciliana. Four vegetables, tomato sauce €10,00

Meat Lasagne. Minced meat, tomatoes, cheese, white sauce €11,00

Vegetarian Lasagne. White sauce, tomato sauce €11,00


Focaccia. Garlic bread with cheese €5,00

Margherita. Tomatoes and cheese €8,00

Quatro formaggi. Tomatoes and four kinds of cheese €11,00

Vegetarian. Tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms, artichokes, red peppers, onions, olives €11,00

Quattro stagioni. Tomatoes, cheese, ham, mushrooms, salami, bell peppers €11,00

Calzone folded pizza. Cheese, mushrooms, bell peppers, salami, ham, onions €11,00


Fried calamari €16,95

Grilled salmon €17,95

Grilled tuna fish €17,95

Swordfish €17,95

King prawns with Garlic €21,95

Vegeterian dishes

Argentina plato. Grilled vegetable skewer with olives, corn empanada patties, spiced red beans, baked potato with sour cream, green salad with feta cheese €18,95

Enchilada with cheese €18,95

Children´s menu

Para los niños. Chicken fillet, steak, hamburguer or spare ribs, fries and icecram €11,95


Tartufo €5,00

Tiramisu €5,00

Applepie with cinnamon icecream €5,00

Bannanasplit 5,00

Dame blanche 5,50

Mixed icecream 5,00


Contact & Location

Mon till Sun 12:00 till 23:00

Rozengracht 9
1016 LP Amsterdam
The Netherlands